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We have experience in enhancement projects for the Cultural Heritage. Documentation, representation and analysis of data concerning assets, buildings and cities considered as Historical and Cultural Heritage.


Virtual Reality is the most accurate way to combine virtual objects and spaces and reality, in order to add to its more information. It is possible to enrich spaces information with historic data or future previsions, if you want describe the interventions and the modifications along the time. We have experience in applying Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies to the field of Touristic Information and Cultural Heritage, having worked with museum, expositions, historic events and cities.

Incendio de Santander
3DI-Virtual; 3DI-Museum

Incendio de Santander

Galería Bustelo
3DI-Virtual; 3DI-Museum

Galería Bustelo

3DI-BIM - BIM & Heritage

We develop projects on BIM platform, in the new constructions field and in the existing buildings one, such as for the Historical Heritage.


We develop Museography projects based on the application of 4.0 Tecnology, Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and Extended Reality.

3DI-Reverse - Reverse Engineering

We offer 3D modelling services, referred to any kind of object, structure and building, providing graphic and info-graphic solutions and also other kind of 4D representation such as Immersive Virtual Visit and Video 360. Moreover we realize services of Heritage Graphic Documentation, aimed at studying and documenting historical and architectural objects. We are specialized in the immersive virtual reconstruction of spaces and events about the most relevant urban and territorial developments.


Smart data analysis and projects on data management from sensors inspired by the concept of Smart Territory.


Projects based on the concept of Smart Territory. Technologies for the analysis of landscape, urban and spatial development.


Solutions based on client/server structures with spatial and geographic database.


Together with the TECNALIA Technology Corporation we have developed a series of 2D and 3D panels with a double functionality, on one hand they disseminate information when you touch the 2D surface or the 3D model, the panel recognizes the touched points and provides for information stored preventively; on the other hand these panels register information about the use, when and if someone get close to it, where they had been touched etc. The panels present also sensors that register the environmental conditions, such as temperature, moisture and atmospheric contamination parameters. In this way they accumulate data in order to create a future Data Mining activity. These panels integrate any kind of existing Smart City system and allows realizing new platforms that shall include a more large territory. In fact combining this kind of data and others coming from different sensors or meteorological data you can assume interesting logic for the client.

Additionally, through an Augmented Reality app for smartphone, by scanning the panel you can access additional services, such as 360º Virtual Visits, historic reconstruction of urban and natural environments that you can explore with Virtual Reality glasses or your smart device, web pages etc.



Write an email to info@3dintelligence.es
Tlf: +34 942 135 390 (Santander); +34 985 980 098 (Llanera)

Santander, Cantabria

Tlf: +34 942 135 390

Napoli, Campania

Medina del Campo, Valladolid